Side 2 Side (sid 2 sid) 1: bringing together differences 2: bright, light, to shed light

Sheridon Gospel Network the Light set out to find the King or Queen of Clean Comedy That Is…And discovered Side 2 Side.

A preachers kid born from the womb laughing and has been cracking people up every since with her jaw hurting, side-splitting ability to attack the funny bone through the conscious with her original style of philosophy, Side-Ology!

Voted most humorous she was expelled from Richmond High for performing commercials instead of attending class.

She has received numerous first place trophies and awards in speech, comedy, poetry and acting. Side 2 Side has her own original one-woman show titled Side-Ology: (The Mourning of a Spirit) where she portrays seven diverse characters. She is writing a situational comedy show which she plans to star in. She is also a master tambourinist, bringing her tambourines to the comedy stage, Side 2 Side has taught Comedy Traffic School, Comedy Workshops, coaches speech teams and teaches drama for Los Angeles Southwest College Young Scholars Camp, KYDS enrichment after school program, Artship foundation, Center for the Performing Arts and East Bay Center for the Performing Arts and has directed many plays including “Antigone,” “The African American Living Museum,” “It Ain’t so Funny When the Jokes on You,”, “So Happy I’m Nappy,” “Tribute to The Lion King,” “Sister Act 2” and a variety of children plays.

With the smooth rhythm of a seasoned veteran “Side 2 Side is a contagiously funny comedian with an electrifying energy” - Slobodan dan Paich, Artistic Director, ARTSHIP foundation “Side 2 Side is a high achiever gifted in the art of creative expression and funny from the heart, she is brilliant and quite astonishing “Professor DaShaun Booker USC. Clean comedy is an art that’s why so few can do it. If you happen to be seated in an audience with your four-year–old son and your ninety four-year-old grandmother. You can relax in complete confidence knowing that she is wholesome and clean.

Side 2 Side’s comedy comes from her observations of everyday life with her own Side-twist, Side-Ologizing a nation through laughter one audience at a time, one joke at a time. With her own philosophy “Side-Ology,” she appeals to a wide variety of audiences. A storyteller at heart, she talks about everything from growing up in church to things she hates, too hair salons, to children, to her getting suspended from college, to Dianetics and L. Ron Hubbard. She uses her master storytelling skills effortlessly to tackle sensitive subjects. Laughter and yells of agreement quickly from the audience replace any feelings of uneasiness.

Having worked with and opened for such artist as Patti La Belle, Donnie Mc Clurkin, George Wallace, Mikki Howard, Eddie Griffin and Sinbad to name but a few. It is no wonder she was crowned “The Queen of Clean Comedy” and one of “California’s Funniest Females”.

Inspired by Comedy’s Greatest Innovators Lucille Ball, Bill Cosby, Jerry Lewis, Redd Foxx, Carol Burnett, Flip Wilson and Whoopi Goldberg.

Side 2 Side founded the Sallie E. Cosby-Clemons Memorial Scholarship Fund in honor of her mother, to assist children in the arts to develop their gifts and to become the very best that they can be. “I shall look to the stars for surely her name shall find its way.” Jordan Simmons, Artistic Director, East Bay Center for the Performing Art.






HOLLA Live Comedy DVD Open Rising Entertainment
The Rev. Do Wrong Ain't Right Supporting Ducklit Prods.
Unincorporated Starring East Bay Center for the Performing Arts
Thatcher Brown Supporting El Doggo Prods.
Safe Harbors II Co-Star East Bay Center for the Performing Arts
For the love of.... Co-Star McIntyre Prods.
Sistertalk tv Show Guest Comedian MNN
She's Gotta Have It Game Show Netflix
Blue Bloods Extra CBS
SINBAD'S Doritos Slam on David Letterman Supporting Late Show
LEEZA Guest Star NBC
TALK SOUP Supporting E! Entertainment
DATING GAME Player/Winner Syndication
Dat Time of the Month Co-Star BET

Second Coming Mother Times Square Theatre
I Got The Last Laugh MOMS Mabley Hudson Guild Theatre
The Lion King - Tribute Pumba LASC Tour
A Man That Finds a Wife... Holy Roller Herberger, Arizona
Sister Act 2 Sister Mary Clarence Los Angeles Southwest College
Portrait of a Girl from Nowhere Storyteller USA Tour
For Colored Girls Who... Lady in Red SFSU
African Killer Bees Queen Bee Michigan Womyn's Festival
Leave the Ninety-Nine Sis. Williams /Mother Brown Wilshire E. Bell - LA
The Trial of One Short-Sighted Black Woman... Mamie Louise LASC / Degnan Theatre - LA
Fall on Your Knees Ruthie West Angeles Theatre - LA
For the Record Rebecca Los Angeles Southwest College
Side-Ology (The Mourning of a Spirit) A One Woman Show College Tour
The Crowded Little Room Eunice Los Angeles Southwest College
Love, Side a Two Woman Variety Show Writer/Director 4305 Village Theatre
Spellbound Mama Los Angeles Southwest College
Windfall of Memories Writer Arroya Viego Amphitheater - Oakland
Aftermath Mam-sue East Bay Center for the Performing Arts Center
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Febreze Noticeables   Grey Company
Round Table Pizza   Japanese Monster
Febreze Rev 3   Go Films
Febreze On The Bus   Go Films
AARP Fairy Godmother - General Market Auster Productions
Too Much Family Principal Adelphia Cable
Blocked Principal Charter Communications
Bunch of Stuff Happened Principal Adelphia Cable
Testimonials Principal Charter Communications
AARP Fairy Godmother - African American Market Auster Productions
AARP Fairy Godmother - Radio Auster Productions
AA Degree in Theatre Arts Los Angeles Southwest College
AA Degree in Speech Communications Los Angeles Southwest College
Upright Citizens Brigade Improv Graduate
Blue Man Group Improv
D.R.I.V..E Dream Center Harlem
Magnet Theatre Improv & Sketch Writing
Liquid Courage Sketch Writing
Sketch Writing Dream Center Harlem
Screenplay Writing Dream Center Harlem
BELUGA Indie Improv Team
Lady Jam Indie Improv Team
Charles Dutton
Bill Duke
Veronica Redforest
TVI Actors Studio
Actors Bootcamp
Improv Workshops
Groundlings Theatre
East Bay Center for the Performing Arts Center, Duane Shepherd
RADIO: KMEL, KPOO, KJFJ, KKSL, Sheridan Gospel Network The Light  
INSTRUCTOR: Drama/Acting/Comedy: Los Angeles Southwest College Young Scholars Camp, KYDS Enrichment After School Program, Comedy Workshops, Artship Foundation, East Bay Center for the Performing Arts, Richmond Unified School District

Storyteller, Christian Comedy, Clean Comedy, Master of Ceremonies, Mentor, On Air Personality, Singer, Professional Stunt Kite Flyer, Darts, Roller Skating, Billiards, Working with Youth, Spoken Word, Directing

PERCUSSIONS: David Foster, Indeya, Malcolm Jamal Warner, Roz Ryan, Ollie Woodson

MENTOR: Juvenile Justice Crime Prevention Act - provide home/based services to probation minors and their families, E.V.P. of BSU, Veterans Club, LASC Speech forensics Team - Captain.